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31 May 2010 @ 01:50 pm
LOST: The End - Part Four  


This section includes more general thoughts about the final scene and focuses on the supporting couples that were also brought together in the Afterlife.

Death and All His Friends

If anyone were to show me a scene with Jack being the glue that holds the group together more-so than he does here in the church, as he walks in and watches as everyone lovingly embraces each other, I will probably throw it in their face, because Jack walking into that affectionate gathering of all his friends, it made the picture complete, ultimately.  

The Jurley hug, I can’t even…TOO CUTE. The Jawyer hug…waited a long time for that one. The Jack/Boone embrace, I cried at the sight of it, because Boone’s death was so hard on Jack, as he was the first of the core group to actually die, with Jack working so ardently to save him. Everything about the scene gave me a nostalgic tinge that I wondered where all the time went, how we survived all the deaths, and how wonderful of an end it all was. I steadily pinched myself to make sure it was real.

 Jack died surrounded by all the people who took part in a time in his life that was the most important. THAT is an end that everyone wants to experience once they die, no one wants to cross alone. Jack thought he would, but was pleasantly surprised.  


Even LOVE Has An Afterlife

The Finale was a shipper’s paradise, that is if you didn’t place your bets on Skate, who got irrevocably dissed on the romance aspect, but they showed them as good friends, and Skaters can’t even bring themselves to be humbled by that. OH WELL. Not my damn problem. Karma ate up everything Skate ever was, and she ripped Skaters a whole new one. Damon and Carlton must have called Ashton for the Skaters specifically, because the Finale was the most well-orchestrated episode of ‘Punk’d’ I have ever seen.

Aside from that, every ship known to this show was brought back together, and I wanted to focus on some of the memorable encounters:

James and Juliet – ‘Kiss me James’…’You got it, Blondie’

I was never a Suliet shipper, but after their moment of recognition, I think I went through the ‘Sulieteer’ induction process. They were ADORABLE, and that’s putting it lightly. The immediate attraction, the banter, the chemistry. It was hot in that waiting room lounge for sure. Sawyer fisting for his Apollo bar from the vending machine, another part of his day that’s gone wrong and then here she comes. This golden-haired goddess, legs a mile long, a face round like a heart, an attitude just as quick-wipped as his own. Juliet. She’s his match. In every way.

Their flashes were very emotional for me. James’ eyes, bugged and glued on Juliet as he realizes who she is! YES! It was fabulous. Elizabeth Mitchell’s portrayal throughout her flash experience was incredible. Someone hand the woman her Emmy. Please. As she came to the moment of her death on the Island, there was this palpable pain on her face, and then when she realized that James was there with her and as he kept saying, “I got you”, Juliet loses it. I loved it. Their kiss, so fervent and frenzied, her strained laugh, choked with joy and disbelief, she was alive again, only dead still, but James is there. Who cares about death, when you have a love that completely transcends it?

Jin and Sun – ‘Her name is Ji-Yeon’

I don’t know what to feel or think about Jin and Sun’s story before they flashed. There wasn’t really much of a ‘You’re my soulmate and I would die for you’ feel to their secret, torrid affair. Their union didn’t come off as ‘fated’ to me at all, until I realized that the point of it all was the conception of Ji-Yeon, so that she would bring her parents together in all their destined glory. It was beautiful.

Charlie and Claire – ‘I know her. We're together…’


Charlie and Claire’s moment was just so incredible, while somewhat creepy. Charlie’s unrelenting gaze on Claire from the stage was very romantic, and her steadily looking behind her like, “Who is he really staring at?” was kind of funny. I actually laughed at her whenever she did that, because she’s yet to realize that his steamy stare is all for her.   

The moment between them after Aaron was born was just so beautiful. How Charlie said her name…twice and knelt down to be near her. GUH. This little family that steadily broke up over the course of their time on the island finally found each other again.

Hurley and Libby – ‘I’m with you because I LIKE You’

I’ve always loved Hurley and how can I not? He’s so cute and unassuming that you want to just give him a hug…all the time. I always wondered why Libby’s recognition of Hurley was so strong in the restaurant in ELH, but I do understand all too well why Hurley wasn’t confident that Libby was actually sincere in her attraction to him. That right there, his shyness, his trepidation, his uncertainty that Libby liked him for HIM and not his salary, is what makes Hurley all the more loveable and deserving of true love. I’m so glad that he found it.  

Sayid and Shannon – ‘And what did you lose?’… ‘The woman I love’

I was actually a bit confused by Shannon and Sayid. While their reunion was sweet, in a ‘Knight and Shining Armor’ kind of way, but I always felt like Nadia was Sayid’s great love, his soulmate, while Shannon was a woman that he indeed loved, but she wasn’t his greatest love. Regardless, I enjoyed this reunion, and wasn’t really all that taken aback by it. I was happy about it.  

Sayid has had a tough run of things, and led a very tortured, tragic existence, much like Jack, Locke and Desmond. It was nice to see him ultimately happy, with either Nadia or Shannon. I truly feel like one of the reasons the writers decided to reunite Sayid with Shannon, to end it with them as great loves, was to make the ending in the church about the Losties as a group and the conscious-altering love that came about as a result of their experiences on the Island. Nadia really doesn’t fit into that concept, because he wasn’t a part of the group. Sayid and Shannon, it wasn’t over-done, it was perfect.      

Desmond and Penny – ‘I must have quite an effect on you’

Of all the couples, Desmond and Penny were most like Jack and Kate to me, both in story structure and their level of epic-factor. What I love so much about their afterlife tale is that Desmond has seen her face, knows every detail of it, and has only a name (and a sort of nickname at that) to work with. He’s much like Jack throughout his journey to find Penny, he doesn’t know what he felt, he can’t place the emotions, he doesn’t want to label the somewhat spiritual experience, but if he wants to find Penny, he has to.

Their meeting at the stadium is too adorable and is very much like the Jack and Kate encounter in the Afterlife. Desmond has this idea of what she means to him, much like Kate does when she sees Jack standing outside of the concert, although she knows a lot more, everything in fact. Desmond approaches and eventually touches her hand and he might not have flashed (as far as we know), but it knocked him clear off his feet, merging his Island self with his Afterlife self. Kate’s touch did something similar to Jack, as he has to move away from her, struggling to breathe, whispering ‘Whoa’, in order to get ahold of himself. As Jack dies on the Island, he feels Kate next to him, he sees what Desmond was talking about, that place where he's happy. So beautiful.   

Desmond and Penny, like Jack and Kate, have always had the Island come between them, and to see Desmond working overtime to bring the group to their true loves because he’d finally found his, it’s remarkable. There’s the adorable joke that Desmond was the show’s St. Valentine, but the joke isn’t funny because he really was.  God bless that blasted Scotsman, down to his very soul.

Up Next: Concluding remarks!

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verde04: True loveverde04 on June 1st, 2010 03:43 am (UTC)
I cried with practically every remembering moment.
Sawyer´s I got you.
Sun´s ultrasound.
Charlie´s tears.

Same here about Sayid. It should´ve been Nadia.

I wanted more Desmond & Penny.

And Skate... *points to icon*
Ericaforever_erica on June 2nd, 2010 01:11 am (UTC)
Every couple ROCKED it. Desmond and Penny are my favorite of the supporting couples, but Suliet is #3 I think. I'm not a Sawyer fan, but they are cute. VERY cute! Sayid should have been with Nadia. Shannon was incredible, but yeah, it should have been Nadia.

islandtrackerislandtracker on June 1st, 2010 06:46 am (UTC)
I just want to say something before I comment on this post and the rest of your reviews because it NEEDS to be said.

You my friend are nothing short of AMAZING and I am so glad we had you on our Jater side over the years. We have been so blessed to have such an intelligent, graceful, funny, brilliant, witty, confident, faithful, strong willed in mind and spirit Jater to help us out over the years. I think I speak for EVERY jater here when I say I love you. You Rock! Please never stop being the awesome person you have always been and THANK YOU for always have Jack's, Jate's and Jaters "backs" over the years. Whenever I think of Jack or Jate over the years I will always think of you and your amazing posts. You have made that much of an impact on my life and on my enjoyment of the incredible show over the years! ISLICA FTW!

Now moving on to another one of your EPIC posts....

First.... ROTFLMFAO @ your comments about Skate and Skaters. I don't want to be like they were to us during season 3's mini arch from hell (because what seperates them from us is the simple things like good vs evil, class vs trash, right vs wrong, peace vs hate, intelligence vs ignorence, fact vs fiction, etc and that is why I believe karma was on our side at the end) but never have I found a group of more hateful, spiteful, arrogent, ignorent, mean spirited, vile, crazy, bitter, vicious and truly in need of both psychological and spiritual help then the Skate fandom.

They have been beyond trecherous for the last six years with not a hint of a soul or heart to the bitter end and has taken a fun fictional show and made it mean and personal by literally attacking real people viciously for having a different opinion about a fictional couple on a fictional show. If that is not crazy and sick then I don't know what is.

I was literally LMFAO at how Karma (and Darlton) made them eat thier words over the years and basically gave them a HUGE "screw you nut jobs!" this entire season. Everything that they laughed at us about for six seasons was shoved in their faces and basically we were right about EVERYTHING for six seasons and they could not be any more dead wrong. Now look who is the real bat shit crazy bubble heads now bitches? Thats right! You just got PWNED! I would have had sympathy for you had you all not been such vile and evil whores over the years. Thankfully you got what you deserved and good triumphed over evil in the end not only on the show but in real life.

Moving on b/c the geese and their hateful craziness no longer matters anymore. They got their crazy asses handed to them for being so evil over the years and nothing more has to be said.

Sawyer and Juliet........

I freaking LOVE these two! Not as much as I love Jate (not by a loooooooooooong shot and to be honest no couple will ever be in the same galaxy as my love for Jate and I know this already for a FACT). Never the less, these two were PERFECT for each other and made me love two characters on their best days I was indifferent to and bored by and on their worst days I could not stand and it had nothing to do wuith them shortly being angst for jate and part of the quadrangle mess and more to do with just not liking them. Juliet before Suliet I never saw as a viable threat to Jate even when the show tested the waters there. I never hated Juliet. I loved the actress and thought the character was ok but I was never bananna's over her until Suliet.

As for Sawyer "James" Ford, he was a different story. Unlike Juliet who I was indifferent to, Sawyer to me I could not stand. He was everything I hate in this world before he was with Juliet. He was selfish, pig headed, decietful, vicious, ignorent, rude, uncaring, mean spirited, a bully, a theif, a murderer, harsh, hypocritical, egotistical, etc. No wonder this character had the type of fan base that had carried a lot of his original qualities (and worst of James might I add)that I had found so unapealing. Birds (or in this case geese) of a feather flock together.

Erica: JateReunionforever_erica on June 2nd, 2010 03:25 am (UTC)
Is that DAVID?! MY DAVID?!?! YOU'RE REAL, right? *HUGS*

And DAMN DUDE! You wrote a LOT! I don't know if I have it in me to write that much. I've been working my ass off with this review. Let me say one thing right this second: You have been my JACK, for real. Holding me down against any and EVERYTHING, and I have to say, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! It has been my pleasure and my HONOR to be a Jater, to be somewhat of a de facto leader on the Couch in the Fuselage and for meeting you, sir, because we think so much alike that it's SCARY. You have been my rock, my shoulder, and my very best friend through it all. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have been able to bear it all without your support, you held me down ALWAYS, no complaints, nothing. For that I am most greatful! YOU ROCK!!!!!

Moving onto your comments:

-THE SKATE FANDOM IS IMPLODING. All that Bubblehead talk, shit, they are REGRETTING shipping Skate. It's so funny to read their comments. They are so completely out of them MINDS...STILL. The Afterlife was just Jack's Fairyland. I don't care what they say about me, they talk shit about Jack and I goes OFF. They got what the hell they DESERVED. POINT BLANK.

NO "romantic" Skate in the Finale was like the ultimate slap in the face for them, but they were shown as friends, and the Skaters are still pissing about it. D/C did good in giving them NOTHING ELSE to hang over all of fandom's head, because I used to resent D/C for steadily feeding their petty little brains with bullshit, but in the end, they SHATTED on them SO HARD. GAH. VINDICATION BITCHES. It's SO SWEET!

-Sawyer and Juliet: They're awesome! I just wasn't sold on them in S5, like everyone else, especially when Sawyer seemed hung on Kate still, that was STUPID.

As for Sawyer, he's okay now, and he became likable to me...IN THE LAST EPISODE OF LOST EVER. He wasn't gettin' in Jack's way, being a hard ass about it all, he was actually helpful and considerate. I loved it. The geese are LOSING HOPE for him, because he's steadily in love with Juliet and Josh's comments about Suliet. They HATE it! I love it!

Thanks for the comment bb! *HUGS*
Kimthatonekimgirl on June 1st, 2010 06:58 am (UTC)
Gah, so much IA with this post. I was a fairly big Sawyer/Juliet fan before the finale, so we differ there, but I pretty much agree totally with everything else!
Erica: JATESoulmatesforever_erica on June 2nd, 2010 02:59 am (UTC)
Suliet was okay, I just never paid much attention. Sawyer's grieving turned into unnecessary spite towards Jack, a man that never meant to put Juliet in that position. With that being said, I'm glad they found their way back to each other!
izbetterthanuizbetterthanu on June 1st, 2010 03:08 pm (UTC)
GUH! loved this entry.

about Sayid/Shannon. i remember you on MSN trying not to tweak. "so Sayid has TWO great loves? WTF!". you are hilarious girl. so i did some thinking. as much as i LOVE Sayid/Nadia (so tragic, my goodness) and i gotta admit that the pervert in me had a soft spot for Shoone back in the day, i understand why they had him with Shannon.

Sayid, out of all the Losties, was prolly the one with the biggest identity crisis (followed by Kate IMO). he didn't know if he was genuinely good or bad. he sometimes let other people dictate that. and i think that the reason why he was not with Nadia in his afterlife was because as much as he loved her, she was the embodiment of his past and his guilt. in order to move on he-sadly-had to let her go. everyone's ~limbo had some positive stuff they longed for. Kate was claiming innocence and had people thinking she is indeed innocent-Claire, Sawyer-, Jack was working out his daddy issues with David, Locke was with Helen, Hurley was lucky, Sawyer didn't become a conman to find the real Sawyer but became a cop to do it-pretty honourable- etc etc. only Sayid's was so effed up. in his own limbo, he had Nadia with his brother! Nadia, who was all he really ever wanted along with his peace of mind. but those two didn't go together it seems. Nadia =/= Peace for Sayid. i was never a fan of Shayid but they make sense. he broke her out of her shallow shell and she was his fresh start. Nadia was his biggest love. but his love for Shannon was true and genuine too and she is his way of moving on. back in s2 when he told her that he was never gonna leave her and all that, i didn't buy that his love for her was bigger than his love for Nadia. he was just letting go and trying to move on. which is what he did in the finale too.

ditto about Despenny. in terms of epicness i'd have them after JK. not only did they have to fight space and time much like Jun did but the angst they had prior to their reconciliation was right up my alley. what can i say, i am a fool for people that want to be challenged and want to prove themselves worthy of one's love, much like our own favourite couple did XD

off to your reviews!

Erica: KOTJforever_erica on June 2nd, 2010 03:34 am (UTC)
JOY BABE! Thanks so much! *HUGS*

"so Sayid has TWO great loves? WTF!"....LMFAO! Yep, that sounds like me. I just didn't get the point of introducing Nadia into the picture and then bring Shannon back, like Nadia was of no consequence. Sayid carried a picture of her in his luggage. WTF? I mean, Shannon and Sayid are cool! I enjoyed it, I just didn't get the point of Nadia's presence.

AND WOW, bb! Wonderful thoughts abou Kate and Sayid's parallels and similarities. I'm not even going to touch it.

Despenny ROCKS! I love them!
venckman: drjackvenckman on June 1st, 2010 05:58 pm (UTC)
Skate had no meaningful "relationship" moments after "I Do," and Sawyer's assessment of what they had as something that would never have lasted in "What Happened, Happened" should have clued them in. But when you are mean, delusional, and stupid, the brain doesn't process as it should.
Erica: GUH!!!forever_erica on June 2nd, 2010 02:57 am (UTC)
Their own ship male-lead called the relationship what it was, on top of Kate saying that she loves Jack right in front of him and they're still calling FOUL. I swear. I need to go lay next to Jack in the jungle and just die with him. That is my peace. The only peace I will ever have!
menzjj815: kate cryingmenzjj815 on June 2nd, 2010 12:29 am (UTC)
Damon and Carlton must have called Ashton for the Skaters specifically, because the Finale was the most well-orchestrated episode of ‘Punk’d’ I have ever seen.

I laughed so hard I almost peed, lol!

everything else you said...totally agree man. I love that the ending was all about Jack and how they were all family and loved each other and omg I'm gonna cry again. *bawls*

I think with Sayid (and I was talking about this with Joy), a lot of his time with Nadia were times that he does not want to remember...he was a bad person anytime she was around or he did bad things to protect her or get revenge because of her death. I'm not saying that she wasn't the love of his life and I'm not saying that she was the cause of all his pain and suffering directly. But I think it would be hard for him to move on in the afterlife with her because there is just so much pain associated with her. They even potrayed that in the Afterlife when they had Nadia as his unattainable sister-in-law and they had Sayid kill all those people to protect her and his brother. I've always loved Sayid and Nadia more, but in some ways it does make sense that the writers would do the way of Sayid and Shannon because that was a time in which he believed he could be good, the time he spent on the island. sorry for the ramble, lol.
Erica: HeadHungforever_erica on June 2nd, 2010 03:37 am (UTC)
Skaters got PUNK'D. There's nothing else to it. LMFAO.

The Ending was a family reunion. COMPLETELY, and the Patriarch, Jack, had to be brought in and chauffeured to his rightful place! I LOVED IT SO MUCH.

And your thoughts about Sayid is exactly what Joy posted above, and I can't add anything else, because I agree with you!

You don't ramble and when you do, I LOVE your ramble!

irishunicorn03: at peaceirishunicorn03 on June 4th, 2010 02:00 am (UTC)
The Jurley hug, I can’t even…TOO CUTE. The Jawyer hug…waited a long time for that one.

I love their friendship. Jack has the biggest grin on his face in that moment. And it really is just the cutest, most adorable thing ever. I’m smiling just thinking about it.

Jack died surrounded by all the people who took part in a time in his life that was the most important. THAT is an end that everyone wants to experience once they die, no one wants to cross alone.


I just have a really hard time believing that Skater’s didn’t see the writing on the wall. The same writing that’s been there since The Pilot, but whatevs.

I’ve never really been a big fan of Sawyer. He’s had his moments were I liked him, but for me, he’s just always kinda been there. Therefore I wasn’t much of a Suliet fan. But I gotta say, their flashes totally sold me on them. I got tear-eyed there, especially when Sawyer says, ‘Juliet, it’s me,’ and I’ve got you, baby.’ Also, Elizabeth Mitchell’s reactions were perfect.

Charlie and Claire I didn’t really ship much either in the past, (Jate takes a lot of energy) but their moment was beautiful. But I loved, LOVED Kate’s reaction when she sees Charlie for the first time, and then says ‘Thank You.’ In my mind, she’s thanking him for giving his life for their rescue.

Everyone elses were gorgeous as well. And I'm pretty sure I teared up at all of them.
Erica: Foxy animatedforever_erica on June 5th, 2010 06:00 am (UTC)
- The Jurley Hug....I MELTED. Jack's smile...it was like Foxy's love of JORGE was coming out and it wasn't about the scene anymore as actors, but real friends. I just...GAH. And at that, Hurley was last one of the Original Losties to see Jack alive. *WEEPS*

- Skaters definitely saw the writing on the wall. Denial isn't only a river in Egypt! :P

- I've never been a big Sawyer fan either, but here and there he showed some heart and humanity, and with Jules, he's such a more tolerable character.

-You're right, Jate takes a LOT of energy, which is why their section of my review is the longest! Mah JATE! I love them so much!